• Jimmy Connors against Aaron Krickstein!  What tennis fan hasn't seen that match re-played over and over again on ESPN and every station that presents tennis?  Well, do you know when or if or where they're about to replay that match?  Call us and we'll tell you!  And we don't mean the old video!  :)  
  • St. Andrews Country Club brags about its golf.  However, it's Tennis Program and Tennis Director are world class.  Aaron Krickstein, formerly # 6th Best Tennis Player in the World directs the Tennis Clinics at St. Andrews Country Club teaching Adult Members and Child Members how to play tennis competitively and for fun.  Children learn tennis at St. Andrews Country Club from the most celebrated and best Tennis Director in Boca Raton and all South Florida.  Who teaches your child? ... your grandchild? ... and you?  St. Andrews Country Club Members can definitely say, "My Tennis Director, Aaron Krickstein can beat your tennis director!"  
  • Tennis at St. Andrews Country Club - Aaron Krickstein 2014 Pro Tennis Exhibition 
  • St. Andrews Country Club Tennis -  Junior Clinic with Aaron Krickstein, Director of Tennis
  • St. Andrews Country Club, Boca Raton Tennis Clinic with Aaron Krickstein, Director of Tennis

St. Andrews Country Club has 15 perfectly conditioned Har Tru courts, 5 lighted, 1 new and unique red clay court (similar to the French Open red clay courts) and a center court with grandstand seating.  Tennis players of all ages have countless opportunities to face opponents of all skill levels, as well as to participate in regularly scheduled clinics and private lessons.  Overseeing the best tennis program in Boca Raton at this exceptional complex is Director of Tennis, the skilled, famous and talented Aaron Krickstein.  Formerly ranked six in the world, Aaron Krickstein is nine-time ATP tour titlist who still holds the record as the youngest player to win an ATP Tour event at age 16, and the youngest top ten world tennis champion at age 17. During his career Krickstein's victories over Sampras, Agassi, Becker, Edberg, McEnroe, Chang and Lendl, among others are still talked about.  One of the most popular events at St. Andrews are the pro exhibitions between Aaron Krickstein and his past competitors at Center Court in St. Andrews Country Club for members. The members recently enjoyed the rematch between Aaron Krickstein and Jimmy Connors;  the most famous Connors - Krickstein match is replayed over and over on ESPN and other sports channels during competitions today. Who do you think won this time?  Plus, when do you think they're re-playing that infamous famous match that Connors won?  I bet I know.  Do you?  Call #561-362-2646 or email KathyFineman@gmail.com if you're interested in hearing about the next or the last Jimmy Connors - Aaron Krickstein tennis match.