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1. Either cancel or put on temporary suspension:

  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Cable, DirecTV and the like – or reduce to basic and save $$
  • Call forward house number to your cell phone so you actually answer calls
  • Forward your mail or if you only get junk, have someone pick up or toss for you
  • If you’re gone more than 6 months, you can re-do your mail forwarding as if new.
  • Your personal trainer, your house cleaner, regular scheduled classes and activities
  • Your regular manicure or pet grooming appointment

 2. Storms happen any time and summer storms can be vicious, plus homes can be burglarized anytime, anywhere.  No security system is foolproof:

  • Take photos or video of each room including ceilings and closets. Move your
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  • Dial 9 1 1 to report an emergency. 
  • Poison Control Center: 800-222-1222
  • American Red Cross (Storms & Disasters)  561-994-2060
  • PBC Public Safety Department   
  • Special Needs Shelter Registration Required:  Pre-Registration # (561) 721-6400
Boynton Beach City Hall: (561) 742-6000  (department numbers listed in chart below)

City Hall Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Closed: Saturday - Sunday

Mailing address: 
City of Boynton Beach, 100 E. Boynton Beach Boulevard 
P.O. Box 310
Boynton Beach, FL 33435-0310

Boynton Beach Utilities customers: For questions about account billing or service, call (561) 742-6300. To report water line breaks, sewer line breaks and storm water issues, call the Utilities

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Senior Discounts: Don't get sensitive about the word Senior - we all wanted to be the Seniors in High School.  Well, now we get to enjoy the perks of being a Senior, whether that company defines Senior as over 50, over 55, over 60, or over 65!  AARP defines Senior as 50 and over - so my lists will include 50 and over, but the list that follows will tell you (when it's clearly defined) what age.   

Click Senior Discounts for a list of the local area Restaurants giving discounts to those of us privileged enough to be over 50!

Everyone loves "free"  and "discounts" -- let's all admit it!  So, let's all celebrate that fact. I confess - I shop with coupons.  My husband negotiates discounts on behalf of himself with everything from the newspaper home

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Platinum Clubs of America (Platinum) posted the top 125 Country Clubs 2014 Rankings.  Congratulations to the country clubs honored as the top 4% of all Country Clubs in America - an amazing achievement.  However, the actual ranking criteria within has been changed by Platinum is questionable for several reasons.

  • Two categories merged:  residential country club and non-resident country club which has made the entire number cumbersome and unequal.  How do you compare clubs with homes, homeowner associations, school buses and architectural review boards with those that solely the amenities?     
  • The new "Universal Recognition" criteria negatively impacts residential country club's privacy for residents.  Security is critical in the
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September 5, 2014 News about Boca Grove!   Congratulations Boca Grove Plantation and Chad Kurmel, Boca Grove's Director of Golf.  Chad Kurmel, Boca Grove's Golf Pro qualified for the PGA National Championship held in June, 2015 with just one stroke out of first place!  Boca Grove is proud of your professional acumen and accomplishment!   I'm proud as a Realtor selling homes in Boca Grove in Boca Raton!  I can only imagine if I lived in Boca Grove and Chad Kurmel was teaching me, my children and grandchildren!  Good job, Chad Kurmel!

Boca Grove Golf Pro Chad Kurmel Qualified for the June 2015 PGA Professional National Championship at the Philadelphia Cricket Club

Boca Grove’s Chad Kurmel, Golf Director finished 54 holes with a 215

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The following is an excerpt of an email sent out by the Membership Director of St. Andrews Country Club today, August 12, 2014.  The Sports Membership has been suspended and only Full Golf Memberships are available for new members.  The future of the Sports Membership at St. Andrews Country Club is not certain, but I will keep you advised.

"The club has reached the maximum limit of new Sports Memberships available. The Board of Governors has therefore temporarily suspended the availability of these memberships."

Therefore, to keep things crystal clear, the cost of a membership at St. Andrews Country Club is $95,000 initiation Fee which must be paid at or before closing and no portion of this is refundable.  This is accurate on August 12, 2014. The

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 A listing agreement is a contract and a legal document.  As with all legal documents, you should read the listing contract very carefully and be sure it is filled in exactly with the terms you agreed on.  Be sure you understand exactly what you are agreeing to and what the terms mean.  Your home is most likely a major asset and a large portion of your personal wealth.  Don’t take the signing of a listing agreement lightly just because it appears "standard".  If you don’t understand the contract or have any questions about your listing contract, it would be wise to seek legal advice for clarification. 

A Listing Agreement is a real estate listing contract which gives a licensed real estate professional authorization to act on your behalf in the sale of

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Can a Real Estate Broker or Agent give a referral fee to someone who does not hold a real estate license? 

Answer:  No. Section 475.25(1)(h), Florida Statutes, prohibits a Florida licensee from paying a fee or compensating someone who does not hold a real estate license in Florida or another state. 

I am not a lawyer and this is not meant as legal advice.  I am a licensed Florida Realtor and this was taken from the Legal Center's Frequently Asked Questions of the Florida Realtors Organization website.  

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Question:  May the listing agreement renew automatically? 

A: No. Section 475.25(1)(r), Florida Statutes, states that it’s a violation of real estate licensing law if a real estate licensee “has failed in any written listing agreement to include a definite expiration date, description of the property, price and terms, fee or commission, and a proper signature of the principal(s); and has failed to give the principal(s) a legible, signed, true and correct copy of the listing agreement within 24 hours of obtaining the written listing agreement. The written listing agreement shall contain no provision requiring the person signing the listing to notify the broker of the intention to cancel the listing after such definite expiration date.” 

In seller and

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Just when I think life in St. Andrews Country Club cannot be more unique, something happens.  While enjoying the salt water lap pool, I heard bagpipes and it was too early for it to be an imaginary bagpipe! :)  

At the Clubhouse main entrance, members and guests were greeted with a Scottish Piper in true St. Andrews Scotland traditional attire - kilt and all. (His picture at the bottom of the post - so, read all!) If you're not familiar with Scotland's St. Andrews, it is reputed to be the birthplace of golf.  In fact, St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland is so traditional, they're voting this September to allow women as members of the club!  Even Augusta retired that rule years ago!

My personal opinion is golf was born in Scotland, but it is King in

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